Modern Standard Operating Procedures

Waybook is the home for all your SOPs. Create dynamic SOPs, assign them to your teammates & track who's seen important updates.
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Your Business Playbook

All your Standard Operating Procedures in one place.

An organised digital handbook for your business. Sort everything by subjects that match your teams and departments.

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All company knowledge and information in one place
Assign your Waybook content by teams and groups

Delegate & assign SOPs to different teams and individuals.

Easily add new team members to groups that reflect your organisation.

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Track progress

Track which team members have read your SOPs.

See which steps of a process have and haven't been acknowledged or read since the SOP was last updated.

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Easily track progress through your Waybook content
Keep your team on the same page by notifying of any changes to your content

Send Notifications to your teams when SOPs are updated.

Decide whether updates to your SOPs require your team to be notified. We'll then remind them to read and confirm the changes.

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test knowledge

Add quizzes to your SOPs to test knowledge.

Easily create tests and assessments within your employee handbook. Confirm your team's knowledge as your organisation grows.

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Add tests and assessments within your Waybook to assess knowledge