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[Success Story] Growing a sock empire with ease and consistency

“I’m not a blocker of my own business anymore.”


Josh Turner is the Founder & CEO of Stand4Socks. With the help of Waybook, he's achieved year-on-year growth “changing the world one pair of socks at a time”.

Managing market seasonality, scaling the team and maintaining exceptional products and customer service have been big challenges since the very beginning of the startup.


As a startup that is growing very quickly, processes need to be updated constantly. And there’s also the necessity of documenting their learnings and passing on the knowledge to the growing team.

“We grew and scaled from just me doing everything myself. So, we needed to grow, I had to spend so many hours explaining the basics of the processes”

During peak season, they also need to hire fast and get these new team members up to speed without a drop-off in the service quality. They tested a few tools before Waybook, but the results were quite not satisfactory.

“I used to use Google Drive, which is quite impersonal and not interactive.”

Because of that, many hours of work can be lost due to time spent looking for specific information on how to get things done or at least move them forward.

How Waybook helped Josh and Stand4Socks to drive success

Faster Onboarding and Training of New Hires

“We came across Waybook and now my new hires can capture all the information they need in a structure that is way more organized and interactive.”

With Waybook, Josh can easily get the team involved in every step that used to consume more than half of his time.

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Impeccable Customer Service

“Our customer service ratings went up to 4.8 on Trust Pilot.”

In terms of customer service, Stand4Socks has now documented all the possible situations they have with customers, allowing even the most junior hires to deal with any situation straight away and with confidence.

Fearless Growth

“Before we used Waybook, everything came through me. Now I’ve got the confidence to empower team members to take full ownership of certain projects, so I can focus on the creative side of the business and explore growth possibilities.”

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