Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I set permissions in Waybook?

You have full control over which subjects your teammates can access and set permissions accordingly; these can be no access, read, edit and publish.

How should I get started with Waybook?

When you register for your Waybook, you will automatically have access to our ‘Start with Waybook’ subject, which will give you all of the essential knowledge to get going. You will also have the option of starting with a templated structure for SOP and document inspiration.

Do you support integrations like Word, Dropbox, Slack etc.?

We currently support Google Drive and Dropbox integration but are looking to expand these options - to find out what’s coming, view our public roadmap.

What does CNAME allow us to do?

Also known as ‘custom domains’ or ‘vanity URLs’. Using CNAME, you can put your Waybook on your business’ website, for example:

What's unique about Waybook and what makes it different from other ways of sharing information?

Here are just a few things that set Waybook apart from our competitors:
✨ An intuitive content structure created by process experts
✨ Powerful text editor to create rich and engaging content
✨ Ability to track read views and progress
✨ Tests and assessments to confirm knowledge consumption

What are subjects, documents and steps?

Think of subjects as the teams and areas of operation within your business. Each subject contains multiple documents. These are the actual activities carried out by the different teams and people in your business. Steps are a breakdown of each activity in the sequence of what needs to be done and how.

What member roles does Waybook support?

At a member level, your teammates can either be readers or have access to edit your organisation’s Waybook - there are three tiers of edit access: admin (full edit access including settings), editor (edit subject and documents) and contributor (edit documents only).

Can I download a backup of my data?

Currently, there isn't an option to individually download a backup of your data but this is something that is in the roadmap there isn't currently however everything is regularly backed up on our side.

Waybook is hosted on Digital Ocean, one of the leading cloud infrastructure providers. This means that Waybook is deployed and running simultaneously on multiple computers to provide fast and reliable access for our customers around the clock. We have had no downtime to date.

In terms of the longer-term stability and access to your data. Waybook is part of a group of businesses called Turn Partners. Turn Partners are a profitable and growing group of SaaS businesses that build acquire and build B2B SaaS to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

While Waybook was founded in 2019 Turn Partners has been operating for 10 years.

As such both Waybook and Turn Partners and committed to ensuring that you always have 100% access to your data and information. Should for whatever reason Waybook cease to trade as a business we would still guarantee you access to your data in either a CSV, HTML or XML data pull.

What is Waybook's backup process?

Waybook has several policies designed to ensure your data is always safe.

All data is replicated to a secondary database, so that in the event our primary database fails, we can get you back online instantly with no data lost. Alongside that, our database is automatically backed up every hour to a geographically separate data center, with all backups retained for 30 days.

Finally, because Waybook is paranoid about making sure all your data is safe, we take our own backups which are encrypted and stored off-site with a completely separate service provider. This means that our current hosting provider could suffer a complete outage and we would still be able to provide access to your data.

Beyond data, Waybook has a tried-and-tested disaster recovery process in place. Our infrastructure is defined via code, meaning we can recreate all of our servers in a matter of hours if needed. You entrust us with your data, and we've spent the last decade making sure we have robust and resilient systems in place to keep it safe.

How to contact support?

Feel free to contact us at or via built-in chat at our website.