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Business Owners
Love Waybook
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Very easy to use
I tried about 10 times to start documenting our standards by using screen recordings, and organizing them in our Google Drive. But every time it got messy real quick and no one in the team uses them. I started using Waybook and in 10 minutes the structure looks so much more clear. With the Chrome plugin for screen recordings it gets even better. The notification structure it is easy to let people now about new content. I think this time our business standards and procedures will definitely get out of our heads and in Waybook.
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Awesome app and support
Really excited about using Waybook. I found so much value already transfering my SOPs over. It makes onboardin so much easier for my team. In addition, it's really easy to organize by topic, and documents. Running my business is a lot smoother and more enjoyable now. Oh did I mention the support is also amazing? This is a no brainer purchase for me!
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Awesome app and support
Really excited about using Waybook. I found so much value already transfering my SOPs over. It makes onboardin so much easier for my team. In addition, it's really easy to organize by topic, and documents. Running my business is a lot smoother and more enjoyable now. Oh did I mention the support is also amazing? This is a no brainer purchase for me!
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Simple, Affordable, and Useful
Waybook is a great tool for documenting all agency processes. It was easy to get started quickly and my team was able to help compile most of our processes and resources from Google docs, sheets, etc very quickly. Two new team members are starting next week and I'm very excited to utilize Waybook in the onboarding process!
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Lorena R.
This is definitely a must have for business owners!! It was recommended to me by several fellow business owners is my field. I wish I had heard about it sooner. Waybook is simple and user friendly, while still allowing you to put together complex policies & procedures or training manuals into well organized formats. I'm loving the fact that you can incorporate videos into you documents and track your employees' progress in reviewing each policy. Did I mention it gives you the option to create quizzes and automatically grades them?!! I have never geeked out this much over creating policies & procedures or training manuals! If you're still using Google Docs, Microsoft word, or even PDFs to manage your policies (like I was) do yourself and favor an upgrade to the 21 century way of managing this aspect of your business. I promise it will make your life easier.
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It's a must have tools for business!
Sometime it's kind a stressful to repeat the same process about explaining how the company works and SOPs. I've try documented but it's became a nightmare for the team because the long form.With waybook, it's really beautiful, easy to navigate and really slick! Also, the Excellent support, IMO! 🙌🏼 And yes, this is a life-saver!
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Love it already
Not sure how many Google Docs and Sheets I've created over the past 5 years to set up and track processes, but I'm already in love with this tool. Haven't even got round to using its fully capabilities yet, but wanted to say well done to the team!
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Multipurpose Tool
A great tool and certainly something we've been on the lookout for! It's intuitive and easy to navigate, my team are loving it.
Lloyd Energon
Verified Purchaser
Great product! So simple to use!
I have been searching for a product to keep all our training materials, contracts, templates and job spec in one place. I spend a lot of time attaching documents to emails and sending them round the team or remembering to send them to new starters so they can get up to speed quickly.
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Better than confluence
What a fabulous tool ! We use Atlassian confluence at present and this is far quicker and less bloated, super happy to grab a few of these for my various companies. It's super clean and easy to use, and there is a nice demo workspace for both small and large companies also support is super helpful.
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Highly Recommended!
As a business owner, I spend valuable time chasing down emails, procedures, guides, training manuals, etc., to share with employees and clients. My company spent a long time looking for a good solution that will allow me to ditch the old time-wasting methods of organizing, maintaining, and sharing documents and onboarding training programs.Welcome to the new time saver method of the Waybook app. It is now easy to maintain and share essential docs and train our internal employees and global external suppliers, buyers, and partners. Finally, the nightmare is all over!
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Far more useful than it looks like
Before signing-up, I kept thinking why would someone need this tool? We can use file explorer, google docs, MS teams and many other applications out there. But as preparing to scale up is one of the issues I am facing, I thought to give it a try.It is a fantastic tool. It will set-up for success and will help you build your organization. It may not seem so at first, but once you start to get a good hang, you will find this is a great tool.Support from Mike and his team has been awesome. They have even helped with resetting of templates and also to check out examples and other templates.Overall I am excited with the possibilities and I look forward to using this tool as a key enabler for my company's future growth.If you want to scale and organize your business, you can't miss it.
Verified Purchaser
Blown away
Quick chat support. Very helpful. I'm loving Waybook already.
Mike Rosales
Verified Purchaser
The Modern "Wiki" for your Team (or Clients)
If you are someone in the coaching, consulting, or even a sales agency with a lot of "information" that's just stored in separate word or doc files on your shared drive, then definitely you'd be pleased with Waybook!
Donald Chan
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Waybook... This is the Way
I run a digital agency. We've been searching for an SOP library solution for the longest time. Decided to give Waybook a try and it really is fantastic. Easy of use, right amount of features, attentive team. TLDR: Get your business systemised with the fantastic Waybook (this is the Way).
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Awesome Piece of a Puzzle!
If I could, I would pass the star limit. Such a great piece of software - works how you would like to, and looks really awesome while doing so.Beyond building our own operations, I’m also supporting several clients in building theirs as well. This far we’ve been mainly producing manuals, guides and checklists by hand but as with everything manual labour, one of the key issues is to keep them relevant and up to date.No more. Waybook will start handling these processes for me and my customers from now on. The app is easy to use, prepopulated stuff is relevant and makes the whole onboarding process of the app enjoyable.I also want to give a huge shoutout to Mike (the owner) being so responsive, helpful and just great with communications. Whether it’s about pricing, partnerships or branding thingies, he gives you quick & direct answers.
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Great product and AWESOME support!
The system is easy to use and offers a lot of great starter templates so that you don't have to create your processes from scratch! I had some initial questions and the support is amazing as well! They are super friendly and willing to go an extra mile to give you what you need.
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Must have tool for any business
FIRST IMPRESSIONS Great UI. Easy to navigate and get started. It might seem overwhelming with all the sections but it’s necessary for organization. AFTER TRAINING The onboarding was great and it provided a great example of the benefits of on-boarding a team member using waybook.After the session I am confident of how to setup my wabook. CONCLUSION If you are using google suite for onboarding forget about it. Waybook is a more efficient medium for onboarding team members. Also, if I may add the customer service is amazing. I have faith Waybook will be around for a long time. It better. I want to continue to benefit from the LTD.

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Massive impact on productivity and organisation
Waybook has really taken our small business to the next level. Everything just feels efficient, productive and centred. I don't lose progress or redo work and actually I'm less stressed and can work a lot more efficiently with colleagues with it. A really great and thoughtful product.
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After this week, this is a must-have
I learned a valuable lesson this week. Stick to you your process. If that process fails, have a backup plan. Document it and more importantly, document where you failed and how to prevent it. If your business has this completed and documented, your resale value will rise immensely. I'm spending this weekend writing out every step that went into my best week as a business. Thank you!
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Exactly What I've Been Looking For
I've been long hunting for a solution that would easily allow my team to capture the procedures, steps, and work flows we use for our small, boutique company. While other solutions, such as file sharing, worked, they had severe limitations. Waybook is a great tool. What I really like most is the ability to add videos to the documentation. Being able to show how to do something, especially in any software application my company uses, rather than have to write detailed descriptions/steps is both a time saver and a major enhancement for others accessing our Waybook resource.Certainly, building out Waybook will take time and will be an ongoing process, I'm looking forward to this app finally providing my team with a repository of information.
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Excellent program with top notch customer service!
I've been using Waybook for a little over a week and I am really impressed so far! I've easily been able to streamline my employee handbook and onboarding process. I'm also super impressed with the quality and speed of the customer service. I accidentally deleted some files that I needed and messaged them on a Sunday about it. I got a response within a couple of hours and the problem was resolved within a few days. I was contacted regularly throughout the process to ensure that all of my needs were met, and felt like they really care about me as a customer. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who owns or manages a business!!
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Excellent documentation software
We have been looking for software to document our internal procedures.We have automation software for processes that are repeated often, but manual tasks such as how to arrange a meeting, or how to send a document for signature, are documented by staff in their own words when they are shown what to do.This has two issues - the process is not standardized, and when the process changes, no-one updates their own notes.And so, why do I look waybook?mLots of reasons - I sent an email on Sunday to setup our own domain, and I received detailed replies from the owner.I mentioned some improvements, such as favicons, and two-way document linking (like Notion and Archbee) and I received a positive response from Mike, the owner.And the most important, the software is easy to use, and has the ability to embed videos etc, and looks good. In my experience, good looking, ways to use software gets used - and that means I am hopeful our procedures will remain updated as the staff will find it easy to use.
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A must-have!!!
I am not a techie and it usually takes me days before being able to do something with an app/software but Waybook has a very user-friendly interface and very easy to learn. Can't wait 'til my teammates get in and test them! hah! Their offer is also very reasonable and cost-effective for the features included.I had a glitch that happened - I copied a table from a website and pasted it in a document and had a bit of a panic when my content was gone after publishing. I had to write a Question here and send a message to their support and Milk responded right away...yes, on a Sunday!!! Excellent support, IMO! 🙌🏼 Turned out it's something in the content I pasted, which they will be working on fixing.As a startup owner myself, this app is a life-saver! We're only a team of 5 now and sending out updates to teammates and asking them one by one for responses whether they understood or got the important information change is already tedious, what more for bigger companies. We're finally graduating from G-doc!
kagans workspace
Verified Purchaser
I am happy with the software and I would recommend anyone to use it.