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Earn recurring commissions of 20% for each Waybook customer you refer, recommend or resell.

Why partner with Waybook?

Waybook is feature rich and solves real problems.

Our rich text editing, quizzes, integrations and easy screen recordings make documentation easy to make and fun to read. Waybook is an ideal onboarding, training and reference platform.  Read more in "What is Waybook?"

3000 Customers are very happy with Waybook.

They have given us 4.7-stars. What they love most is how easy Waybook is to use and our fast and helpful customer service.

Waybook is for company leaders who are hiring and growing, going remote or building an efficient and effective organisation.

Waybook is ideal if you're thinking of hiring employees, working with freelancers, opening new sites or embracing remote working (which is 100x easier when you have well documented processes and business knowledge).

Generous support and commission.

We offer 20% recurring commission with 90 day cookie lifetime. Alongside this we will support your with assets, resources and ideas to make the most of your earnings with us.

Why partner with Waybook?

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What is the commission amount?

We pay a 20% recurring commission. So if you refer a customer on our monthly plan spending $100 per month, you will receive $20 per month for that customer as long as they remain an active, paying customer.

Does it really last for ever?

As a general rule, commissions last for the lifetime of the paying customer. If there are any exceptions we will make this clear.

How do I get paid?

LeadDyno handles all payments via Stripe and Paypal. [TBC]

When do I get paid?

We pay you 30 days after the customer pays us. [TBC]

How long do you count referrals for?

Our cookie length is 90 days. This means that as long as someone becomes a customer within 90 days of clicking on your link, we will credit you with their referral commission. Every time they click your link, the 90 day period is reset.

What referral platform do you use?

We use LeadDyno, a trusted referral platform to manage all our links, commissions and payments.