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Frequently asked questions

What member roles does Waybook support?

At a member level, your teammates can either be read-only or have access to make changes. The ability to make changes is then broken down into the following roles:

Admin: Full edit access including settings.

Editor: Edit & create subjects and documents.

Contributor: Edit existing content only.

For roles other than admin, permissions will then be granted on a per subject or document basis.

What is Waybook's backup process?

Waybook has several policies designed to ensure your data is always safe. All data is replicated to a multiple databases, so that in the event our primary database fails, we can get you back online instantly with no data lost.

Alongside that, your data is automatically backed up every hour to geographically separate data centers, with all backups retained for 30 days.

Finally, we take physical backups which are encrypted and stored off-site with a completely separate service provider. This means that our current hosting provider could suffer a complete outage and we would still be able to provide access to your data.

Beyond data, Waybook has a tried-and-tested disaster recovery process in place. You entrust us with your data, and we've spent the last decade making sure we have robust and resilient systems in place to keep it safe.

What's unique about Waybook and what makes it different from other ways of sharing information?

Here are just a few things that set Waybook apart from other knowledge management tools:

✨ Keep knowledge structured, organised and searchable within an intuitive content structure created by process experts.

✨ Easily create dynamic and engaging content using Waybook's powerful document editor.

✨ Track team understanding and complete compliance with reader reports on views and progress.

✨ Utilize tests and assessments to confirm knowledge consumption.

✨ Systematize your business with ease with hundreds of templates and Waybook AI to create new policies and procedures.

How do I set permissions in Waybook?

You have full control over which subjects your teammates can access and set permissions accordingly; these can be no access, read, edit and publish.

You can easily create member groups to ensure your team has the correct level of access and control required with minimum management and maximum confidence.