About Us

Waybook is the easiest way to simplify your business’s training, onboarding and operations. Centralise all your systems and processes, maximising efficiency and keeping your teams aligned, no matter where you are.
Waybook is part of a group of businesses called Turn Partners.

Turn Partners are a profitable and growing group of SaaS businesses that build acquire and build B2B SaaS to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

While Waybook was founded in 2019 Turn Partners has been operating for 10 years.
Waybook illustration of a single employee handbook for a team

Our Values

Save time. Add value

Waybook saves you the time lost tomundane, low value tasks, allowing youto spend the time more productively and creatively.

Share the knowledge that's in your head

Leaders can often feel as though they are chained to their businesses. With a wealth of important information stuck in your head rather than formalised. And without you, things will begin to unravel. Waybook’s intuitive software puts this information into an easy to follow, accessible format. Providing valuable headspace, and meaning you can take a step back once in a while!

We supercharge your operations:

Waybook seamlessly organises your entireoperations. Meaning no more informationlost, no more wasted time and alsoprovides vital insights to helpdecision-making.

We enable business growth:

We believe in empowering businesses. Wehelp them achieve accelerated growth andmaximising their potential.

Get everyone on the same page

Waybook gets your whole business on
the same page. Massively boosting your efficiency and ease of your operations.This improves scalability and allows you to focus on growth.

Offering ongoing support

Our help doesn’t stop once the software isinstalled. We offer our ongoing support toensure all our clients get the most out ofour service, and effectively level up their

The easiest way to train staff

Waybook is the most effective andpractical way to onboard and train yourstaff. Get all of your training documents inone accessible, engaging format. Meaningmore time is spent productively and teamsthat get up to speed faster.

Your security is #1

We treat all of our client’s security andprivacy with the utmost importance, bothinternally and externally. People will onlysee what what you want them to.

Ease and simplicity

Easy to set up, easy to run and easy foryour staff to follow. Put simply, Waybooktakes the complexity out of your dailyoperations, creating a playbook for allyour business needs.

Everything leads towards efficiency

Everything we do at Waybook is gearedtowards making your business moreefficient. Saving you time, saving youmoney and maximising your business’sproductivity.