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How to Protect and Manage Culture While Scaling Your Business | Smooth Scaling #001

The latest Waybook Webinar addresses the issue of preserving the company's culture while engaging the employees and scaling your business.

The renowned Fintech Operator, Angel Investor, and Advisor Ms. Sarah Touzani was the seminar's key speaker, sharing her insights into the startup culture and operations that are clearly seen nowadays. Sarah had many roles in the business houses and was the COO of Credit Spring.

Learn how to create, craft, protect, and grow business culture through this webinar. Businesses will learn about shaping and creating the culture and handling business operations while having different working styles and holding onto pressure. You will learn how to fix and build your company's culture without creating any hassle. Be cultured and focus-driven to maintain the operational things in your company. Communication between the companies' top-notch executives and staff is quite necessary.  

It is necessary to start thinking about preserving the business culture in the starting so that it will help in better performance. However, the founder's personality does shape the business culture too. The culture can get diluted during the hiring process if you are not consistent with it. Be consistent with the systemization of the culture. You must show the employees that your company is culture-driven.

Make the new joiners comfortable by imbibing them in your culture. Help them with the culture onboarding session with the help of a fun exercise. Businesses can put cultural affairs in writing too. The revaluation of the company values must be done at every stage to not make heavy shifts in the company's staff. The startups areon fire initially, so a driven culture value is necessary.

Watch the full webinar below, and you will learn the following insights from Sarah:

  • What is business culture?(4.06)
  • How to identify our business culture at an early stage? (4.14)
  • Is it necessary to create a business culture? (5.54)
  • How far must the culture be in the early stages of working, and what is the belief set of founders?(6.07)
  • Can anything go wrong if the company's culture is not followed? (6.20)
  • What should be the personality type of the founders? (6.56)
  • How to make your business culture systematic? (8.10)
  • How to delegate the decision-making across the company? (9.00)
  • How to know where the business culture exists in the company? (9.41)
  • Making it clear among employees about business culture. (10.15)
  • How to make clear communication and convey decisions? (10.49)
  • Acknowledging the principle behind the business culture (12.03)
  • Giving space to your employees with a fun exercise to let them explain the company's culture. (22.30)
  • What are the views on the middle management layer? (23.50)
  • What is the best way to express the culture and company values? (27.15)
  • How to let staff stay in the company to curb the resignations? (31.09)
  • Ways to fix the bump while operating the startup operations (33.27)
  • Reinforcing good cultural behavior by the managers (35.07)
  • Value of feedback in the company (39.11)

Here's the link to the webinar video that will provide an insider's vision.

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