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Empower your team with Waybook Ask, a private AI powered chatbot fluent in your company's knowledge.
Waybook AI

Revolutionize Knowledge Accessibility with Waybook Ask

Waybook AI UI
Interactive Conversations

Quick Answers, Intuitive Interactions

With Waybook Ask, your team can easily get instant answers to their questions in a chat format. This saves time, eases the load on management, and makes finding information a breeze.
Customized Access

Secure, Role-Specific Information

Waybook Ask adheres to content permissions, providing only relevant, role-specific information to each team member. Enhance productivity while keeping your company information structured and secure.
Waybook custom document access
Waybook Referenced Responses
Referenced Responses

Easy Access to Original Content

Each Waybook Ask response is directly linked to its source document, allowing team members to explore the full context whenever they wish.

Frequently asked questions

Is Waybook Ask Free? How can I join the beta?

Right now, Waybook Ask is in beta. The initial set of Waybook's AI features including Structure builder and Content Writer are available for free to all Waybook users on Core and Pro plans. Later this year the Waybook Ask beta will close and Waybook AI features with many more to come will be available via an optional paid add-on.

Why should I sign up for the early access to Waybook AI?

When you register for your Waybook, you will automatically have access to our ‘Start with Waybook’ subject, which will give you all of the essential knowledge to get going. You will also have the option of starting with a templated structure for SOP and document inspiration.

How is my data used?

Your data always remains the property of your team.
Waybook uses sub-processors to process and return valuable responses, but only trusted third-party systems with strict privacy and security controls are utilized.
These subprocessors are subject to agreements with Waybook and/or its Users, ensuring the security and confidentiality of data. Importantly, no other AIs are trained on your company data, further safeguarding your unique knowledge.

Do I need a Waybook account?

Yes, a Waybook account is necessary because Waybook Ask leverages the information in your Waybook account, maximizing the usefulness of your single source of truth. If you don't have a Waybook account yet, you can still join the beta list and start a free trial to begin experiencing the benefits of Waybook within your organisation.