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[Success Story] How this Legal Practice is saving thousands by training new hires with Waybook

“We just hired two new people this morning, and they already completed the pre-onboarding paperwork.”


Sofia Bitzas is the Chief Operating Officer of a growing legal practice. As COO, Sofia had to reduce the time to value for new team members by centralizing knowledge and processes.

“The legal field can be a bit intimidating. Training new employees with Waybook, we got this feeling off the way. New hires now feel welcome as no previous team member ever had the chance to feel.”


Every day, Sofia used to spend endless hours manually distributing handbooks to every employee and saying: read it, memorize it, live by it. 

One day, she saw her company’s information spread over several tools.

They’ve tested a platform before, but it did not serve the office’s needs:

“The platform we were using wasn’t smooth. It wasn’t easy to find information. There was no way to bookmark specific topics, as it is on Waybook”.

On the admin side, changing and iterating manuals have also challenged the firm.

“Whenever we needed to change something, there was a lot of copy+pasting, increasing the chance for errors and damaging sensitive information."

Because of that, the clutter became an intrinsic part of the firm's culture. It resulted in a negative impact on time management, team health and financial results.

How Waybook helped Sofia to drive success

Now, utilizing Waybook, Sofia can welcome employees with a single source of truth, developed with a top-notch instructional design that enables new hires to self-onboard and have quick access to just about anything at the time they need.

“People just go through their Waybooks without hiccups. Training and finding information became a seamless process. We love it.

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