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Remote Training Tools for Lifelong Learning Organizations

Online training is the most efficient, practical, and ideal solution to train employees across different time zones and locations. After the global pandemic Covid-19, many businesses have shifted to remote training. 

By 2025, the number of remote working employees will almost double as compared to the pre-covid time. Despite being at home and working remotely, distance training helps sustain a culture of learning and growth. But it can be problematic for mentors, coaches, and colleagues to keep the trainees engaged due to the absence of physical interaction. 

Therefore, it is significant to use top remote training tools and benefit from their features to boost productivity and engagement during online learning. The article lists popular collaboration, communication, and learning tools for remote training, such as Trello, Slack, Zoom, and WayBook.

This article will cover;

  • Choose the Right Technology 
  • Trello— for Employee Tracking
  • Slack— for Remote Communication
  • Zoom— for Video Conferencing 
  • Waybook— As an LMS for Training & Onboarding

Choose the Right Technology 

Most companies are scared to adopt a remote working style. The employers fear that it will disturb organizational culture, and team members will not focus on their regular tasks.

However, the reality is the total opposite. The remote working model offers many advantages for managers and employees if handled well. The advancement in technology has made the transition easier. As an employer, you have to choose the right technology, provide flexibility, and trust your team to do their job. Select the best remote training tools with the latest technology to keep your team organized, engaged, and connected.

Remember that technology should not be viewed as a solution but used as a tool to provide solutions. For example, populating your company's LMS with static content will lead to a poor learning experience. Add gamification and simulations and get an immersive and interactive online learning experience.

Companies need to utilize suitable online task tracking, collaboration, content management, and communication technologies.

Trello— for Tracking Progress

Trello is one of the best remote training tools. Companies use it widely as a task management software to check multiple project workflows. It has a card-based user interface which makes it user-friendly. It is a preferred choice for managing and collaborating on projects.

You can use Trello for three primary purposes:

  • To track progress on various projects and tasks
  • For collaborating with your team members
  • To boost productivity

In remote training, the Trello time tracking feature is handy for monitoring the time spent by users on a single card. It lets you know your employee's exact time to complete a particular task. 

Once they complete all the tasks assigned on the Trello cards, you can easily measure their performance level. By comparing the time spent on the current project with the previous one of similar nature, you can calculate their productivity. This helps in tracking the progress of remote teams.

Slack— For Remote Communication

It is reported that 65 out of Fortune 100 are using Slack to communicate as in 2020. Slack is another popular name among remote training tools. It is majorly helpful in establishing effective communication and collaboration among co-workers. Slacks' free edition offers numerous functional features without any usage limit.

Using Slack as a training tool, you can share files easily. Here, all the files are centralized and accessible for checking whenever needed. Likewise, file sharing within a single platform promotes horizontal collaboration and minimizes communication errors.

Slack is also helpful in connecting and engaging with employees and co-workers personally. This develops strong team bonding. The company shared that it had 10 million daily active users in 2019.

With Slack, you can sort conversations based on channel and save information accordingly. This eliminates the chance of misunderstands between remote teams.

Slack acts as a communication hub where you can integrate different tools for remote training to derive more value for employees. These integrations help remote teams create workflows, sync with Google, establish Zapier Zaps, and notify boards on Trello. It speeds up the work and increases productivity.

Zoom— for Video Conferencing

Zoom is undoubtedly the best solution if you are looking for remote training tools that offer video conferencing. It lets its users host large and complex training programs, webinars, or meetings remotely while using innovative training models.

Zooms' webinars can accelerate remote training processes in the following ways:

  • Zoom has a simple and user-friendly interface. It allows screen sharing for remote meetings. 
  • Implementing Zoom does not require great IT expertise. You can activate the platform immediately on Zoom's cloud.
  • Zoom offers high-quality video resolution.
  • Its security features help protect users' data and avoid unwanted users entering the meeting. During data transition between Zoom's server and your computer, the data is end-to-end encrypted, whether through chat, audio, or video.

WayBook for Training and Documentation

It is tricky to find a training approach that fulfills all the requirements of the business. WayBook (Learning Management system) is a one-stop for all your online training requirements. Let's look at the benefits of incorporating WayBook into your company.

  • You can use this platform to host, customize, create and store all your training modules and resources. It is a centralized hub for both trainers and employees. It offers an organized workflow for trainees. Whereas employers can adapt, replace, modify and update training resources. This keeps the material relevant and according to the new developments in the company.
  • Waybook offers flexibility for employees. The trainers upload all the learning content, such as white papers, videos, and slideshows on the resource library of WayBook. So, if employees miss a training session, they can access all the material whenever and wherever they want.
  • You might be assuming that WayBook will increase your business expense because of all the great features it offers. It is a cost-effective solution in the long run. It reduces the amount spent traveling to different training points, paying instructors, and renting facilities
  • This tool offers data security features to protect confidential data. Instead of worrying about data theft or loss, you can use all your energy and time in training.
  • WayBook allows you to take feedback from trainees after each course and session. You can improve existing or add new training material according to the employee response. It aids in measuring the overall impact of your training session, ultimately boosting employee retention and engagement levels.


Companies, including Slack, Spotify, and Dropbox, are promoting a remote working atmosphere forever, whereas other companies are also looking forward to adopting this working model. So why not take advantage of WayBook? It is a great tool that provides a fantastic learning experience.

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