Customer Review


I am not a techie and it usually takes me days before being able to do something with an app/software but Waybook has a very user-friendly interface and very easy to learn. Can't wait 'til my teammates get in and test them! hah! Their offer is also very reasonable and cost-effective for the features included.I had a glitch that happened - I copied a table from a website and pasted it in a document and had a bit of a panic when my content was gone after publishing. I had to write a Question here and send a message to their support and Milk responded right away...yes, on a Sunday!!! Excellent support, IMO! 🙌🏼 Turned out it's something in the content I pasted, which they will be working on fixing.As a startup owner myself, this app is a life-saver! We're only a team of 5 now and sending out updates to teammates and asking them one by one for responses whether they understood or got the important information change is already tedious, what more for bigger companies. We're finally graduating from G-doc!