Customer Review


We have been looking for software to document our internal procedures.We have automation software for processes that are repeated often, but manual tasks such as how to arrange a meeting, or how to send a document for signature, are documented by staff in their own words when they are shown what to do.This has two issues - the process is not standardized, and when the process changes, no-one updates their own notes.And so, why do I look waybook?mLots of reasons - I sent an email on Sunday to setup our own domain, and I received detailed replies from the owner.I mentioned some improvements, such as favicons, and two-way document linking (like Notion and Archbee) and I received a positive response from Mike, the owner.And the most important, the software is easy to use, and has the ability to embed videos etc, and looks good. In my experience, good looking, ways to use software gets used - and that means I am hopeful our procedures will remain updated as the staff will find it easy to use.