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Empower your team to harness the full potential of Gmail within your Google Workspace Guidelines handbook with our comprehensive template. From essential features to advanced functionalities, our resource provides step-by-step guidance for seamless navigation of Gmail.

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Make it Personal

Check your personal email for the Gmail username and temporary password set for you by the [your company’s name here] onboarding team.

Once you’re in Gmail, choose the Google apps icon (the box of nine dots arranged in three rows) in the top right corner, then choose Account.

Find Security in the left panel, then go to Signing in to Google.

Choose Password. Enter your new password, then choose Change Password.

1) Add your profile photo.

In the top right corner, click on the circle for your profile photo.

Choose Manage your Google Account then, in the left panel, choose Personal info.

Click the photo circle under Basic info. Pick a photo from your device.

Choose Set as profile photo.

2) Create a signature.

Click on Settings in the top right corner, then See all settings.

Find the General tab. Scroll down to Signature and choose Create new.

Name your signature, then choose Create.

In the text box at the right, add your name, designation, phone number and other details you want as part of your signature text.

Add this link [your company’s website URL here] to the company's website.

Click Save Changes.

3) Set your vacation responder as needed.

Once your Gmail account is at least 24 hours old, you may set an auto-response for when you take some time off.

Click on Settings in the top right, then See all settings.

Scroll down to the bottom and switch Vacation responder on.

Enter the dates when you'll be away from the office and add a message. We recommend including the name and email of a team member who has agreed to take on your most important tasks while you’re away, such as answering client queries.

Click Save Changes.

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