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If you're looking for a template to help document product knowledge for a customer support team, look no further! This template provides a great starting point for creating a comprehensive handbook that will serve as a valuable resource for your team. The template includes sections on product features, troubleshooting, FAQs, and more. There is also space for you to add your own custom content to ensure that your team has all the information they need to provide the best possible support to your customers. Don't let your customer support team be caught unprepared - get started on your handbook today!

Alternative Preview

You should use this document to help your support team better understand key features of your product or service, as well as any tricks they can share with your customers.

This step should introduce them to the document and could even act as a contents page, with links to steps to help them navigate to key information during their support shift.

In this document, we'll cover the key features of [your product or service] and some tips or hacks which can be shared with customers to help them achieve their goals.

You can use these quick reference links to find answers during your support shift or work through the document to familiarise yourself with [your product or service].

Key Features

Product Hacks

Key Feature 1

Product Hack 1

Key Feature 2

Product Hack 2

Key Feature 3

Product Hack 3

We believe it's crucial to understand [your product or service] to deliver the best possible support.

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