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5 Must Read Books On Scaling Businesses

Several tools are available for business owners that help them run a business successfully. The three popular resources include good business peers, experienced business mentors, and educational material, especially books.

Today, the world is full of unnecessary information, and people have little time for reading. Therefore, all business owners should know about the educational content that can benefit them.

Several tools are available for business owners that help them run a business successfully. The three popular resources include good business peers, experienced business mentors, and educational material, especially books.

“When asked Warren Buffet about the route to success. His reply was to read 500 pages daily. He showed his collection of books and explained the knowledge he had gathered all these years.”

“Elon Musk said I read books when asked how he learned to build rockets.”

“The Shark Tank Investor and a billionaire entrepreneur, Mr. Mark Cuban, reads for more than 3 hours per day.”

This article mentions the top 5 best books on scaling a business that every business owner must read. These books explain what is required to maximize your business efficiently. 

The authors of these books have presented their unique experiences and provided excellent advice to business owners, inspiring them to take their business to another level with greater confidence. These books not only provide assistance in improving employee onboarding experience but facilitate overall business growth. Let’s delve into them;

1. Bigger & Better by Esther Kestenbaum Prozan for Scaling Up Small Business

Your small business requires real-world and actionable solutions to grow fast. If you are looking to scale your business, Bigger and Better should be on your reading list. 

Being a successful business owner and having immense experience in scaling businesses, Prozan wrote Bigger & Better. Prozan is famous for having a history of converting small companies into prominent and successful organizations. She believes in scaling profit efficiently, as this is a critical part of building a small business. 

The book's objective is to provide authentic information and help others be successful in their business. This fantastic book offers great knowledge for business owners regarding different ways to scale a small business when resources are limited. Here are the major topics of the book: 

  • How to use radical generosity to develop relationships
  • Ways to avoid diluting business ownership

2. Teamwork by Natalie Dawson for Scaling Up Company by Building Team

Natalie Dawson is a professional at building scalable teams. According to Natalie, it does not matter what your business is about; if you want your business to be successful, you must know that this depends on how you train and manage your team.

She has written a book named TeamWork. The book explains different strategies she used as a partner at Cardone Ventures on thousands of businesses with a goal of scaling, hiring, and maximizing their businesses commendably. 

As a business owner, you cannot reach your true potential if you do not possess a high-performance team. Each chapter in this book focuses on aligning team goals with corporate goals. It also reveals tips to prepare your team to boost your business performance and get on top. 

Teamwork is one of the best books on scaling a business and a must-read for you if you are unsure how every team member can become a contributor. After reading this book, you will be able to spot the best employees during job interviews and know the tactics to keep your team charged.

3. Good to Great by Jim Collins 

If you have been into business for some years but did not hear about the best book on scaling a business “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, you must be living under a rock. This book became an instant hit among business owners from the minute it was published.

The author and his team have spent years researching different companies to find the common elements that contribute to a company's good performance.

Like others, we also think that a business's success depends on planning and designing a brilliant scheme. However, according to Collins, only those businesses are successful that have clear goals, enduring purpose and values, humble leadership, and the right people in the right position.

According to the book, it is irrelevant to have a great vision if there are no great people in your company. The book also explains that it is unfair for the right people to see the wrong people hanging around. The right people will eventually find themselves compensating for the failures of the wrong people. This frustrates strong performers and can drive away the best people from your company.

4. Scaling Up by Verne Harnish for Building Strong Company

This book aims to provide steps needed to build a great company. The writer of this book, Mr. Harnish, has provided a logical route for business owners to walk through. 

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish for Building Strong Company

According to Harnish, every entrepreneur has a dream and nightmare to scale up their business because hypergrowth is terrifying. Most of the time, success is the reason behind the downfall of big companies.

He addresses the strategy to create a scalable organization. The exciting thing is that the book is filled with worksheets and exercises, so you do not have to sit and read. It will keep you engaged. 

5. Changing Altitude by Dr. Dennis O'Neil and Greg Hiebert

The authors of “Changing Altitude” are Greg Hiebert and Dr. Dennis O'Neil. This is their best-selling and one of the great books on scaling a business. The authors have focused on what it means to be a natural leader. This book guides experienced business people. It is a refresher on ways to identify and claim your true worth. You will learn some crucial characteristics of exemplary leaders. You can improve your confidence level and direct your moves as the leader of a growing company with the help of this book.


This list is a great beginning point for business owners to sharpen their business skills. Each of the five books features a different perspective on scaling a business. You will get authentic advice and strategies to accomplish this goal from business experts.

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