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Effortlessly generate tests with just a few clicks [Waybook AI Test Creator]

At Waybook, we understand the significance of test creation, and our goal is to simplify the process for you. We are committed to making test writing a seamless experience, ensuring you're supported every step of the way.

In this guide, we'll unveil the potential of our AI to swiftly and effectively generate tests.

Accessing the Test Step Menu

To initiate AI-assisted test writing, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to a Document: Locate the document you wish to incorporate into a test.
  2. Adding a New Step: Within the document, click on the arrow beside the "New Step" button and opt for "New Test Step."
  3. Selecting AI Test: Choose "AI Test" as the test type.
  4. Watch the Magic Happen! Witness the brilliance of Waybook's AI system as it formulates test questions based on the document's content. This is where the real time-saving begins, enabling you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your testing process.

Pro Tips for Success

Feel free to review and customize the generated responses. Although our AI does an exceptional job, take the opportunity to fine-tune the test step to align perfectly with your testing objectives. Waybook's AI Test creation is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing process, facilitating the delivery of high-quality tests in no time.

If you ever require assistance or have questions along the way, remember that our dedicated support team is here to provide friendly, knowledgeable, and energetic support! Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with Waybook, and make your testing experience exciting and hassle-free! 🌟Discover the revolutionary capabilities of Waybook's automated AI Test creation feature!

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