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How to Iterate Your Product Market Fit While Scaling Your Team | Smooth Scaling #002

Building a successful product while scaling a team with competence and diversity doesn't have to be a big headache. In this Smooth Scaling Webinar, Mike Bandar (CEO @ Waybook) welcomes Paul Archer (Founder and CEO at Duel) to explore practical tips on:

  1. Build a product strategy compatible with the company's strategy;
  2. How to conduct a selection process to attract diverse and appropriate people
  3. How to evaluate and develop your Product Team.

Watch the full episode and see the full key takeaways below:

The CEO and Founder of Jewel, Paul Archer, was the key speaker at the webinar. He shared practical tips on building a compatible product strategy, curating a selection process to attract diverse people, and developing your product team.

As Mike and Paul talk about iterating your products for the market fit and scaling your team’s work, the businesses will get a great insight into how they can boost their products. The businesses must understand that it is a social commerce area where everything comes from real people. Brands can create programs on the platform provided by Jewel where they can incentivize their tasks too.

The service companies must work with the brands to understand the problems they can have with the software or the market products. The end-users must not suffer because of these issues. Most big brands work towards optimizing word of mouth and not just selling the products. The innovators and explorers will creatively accomplish the things that can help the businesses in the long run.

The advocacy and loyalty programs help people by rewarding their immediate customers. Businesses must learn about the Unicorn role early instead of getting at the VIP level. Articulating the value proposition in the market is quite important. Carry out quality R&D and case studies to empower your business. A happy and contended business perspective is what Paul was talking about when considering the CEO’s role. It is important to set a vision to watch things differently.

Key Takeaways

  1. How can you focus and iterate your products for the market fit? (2.23)
  2. How can brands convey their brand message to real people? (3.33)
  3. Insight into scaling the teams and product market fit (5.32)
  4. Checking the software problems to understand the whole process (7.08)
  5. Consideringthe explorers and innovators to pursue new things (9.09)
  6. Howto identify new opportunities? (10.30)
  7. Whatassumptions helped you to get to the product market fair? (12.33)
  8. Howcan brands make more money? (14.00)
  9. Understandingthe pain points of the buyers (17.46)
  10. Whatare actual product and sales marketing fits? (22.45)
  11. Insightinto product resonation on what product people want. (26.38)
  12. Whatwere the main challenges faced while scaling your team? (27.44)
  13. Howto make previous products/services consistent when iterating new ones? (37.19)
  14. Understandingbusiness needs and building solutions for real business needs. (43.27)
  15. Ahybrid between the CEO and manager while understanding the ideology. (46.05)
  16. Howto get the best out of people while running a business? (47.49)
  17. Insight into managing great people and keeping an eye on people. (48.50)
  18. What are the non-negotiable foundations to put in the startup? (53.13)

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