How to Write a Video Brief?

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How to Write a Video Brief?
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    If you want to create an attractive video for your brand to target the right audience, the first step is to write a video brief. The video brief helps the developers make a product that will definitely surpass customers' expectations. Additionally, with a good video brief, you give designers an idea of what you want in your product and mark yourself safe from a lot of trouble that may come your way. 

    However, many video content creators get confused about the procedure for creating a video brief. If you’re also one of them, then worry no more, as we have discussed the step-by-step guide on how to write a video brief and its importance. 

    This article will cover the following;

    • What is a Video Brief? 
    • Why Video Brief is important 
    • How to write a video brief?
    • Outline Video Objectives
    • Identify and focus on the target audience and market
    • Project-specific information 
    • Keep it short and concise
    • List project deliverables
    • What video should contain? 
    • Expected Response

    What is a Video Brief?

    Typically, a video brief is a document that tells the video production company and other agencies involved in product design and production about the requirements of your project. With a perfectly created video, you can scale your business. Moreover, this guide is for everyone connected to your post-production and pre-production process! 

    What is a Video Brief?Typically, a video brief is a document that tells the video production company and other agencies involved in product design and production about the requirements of your project. With a perfectly created video, you can scale your business. Moreover, this guide is for everyone connected to your post-production and pre-production process! 

    Why is Video Brief Important?

    A video brief is an excellent thing for the marketing team, as it offers a handful of benefits for your business. With a video brief, you can make distraction-free product videos and provide proper guidance to the production team. Let's have a look at the things that make video briefs an integral part of marketing projects:

    1. Keeps Everything Organized 

    Video briefs are readable documents that guide your team about the creative aspects of your business and connect all the agencies to bring fruitful results. This brief helps the videographer and marketing agency to stay connected and act according to the target audience's needs. Once the goals are clear, there are fewer chances of misunderstandings and errors during production. 

    1. Tells Consumers About Your Brand 

    A good video brief has clear information about your company, such as its mission, goals, and vision. This gives audiences a better understanding of your business, and you can grab potential clients. 

    How to Write a Video Brief?

    Here we have the step-by-step guide on how to write a corporate video brief and what you should expect from it:

    1. Outline Video Objectives

    The first step of writing a video brief is to have adequate information about what you want to achieve through it. Your purpose for the video brief should be clear and according to your business situation. Moreover, as the whole video brief writing procedure depends upon your goals, don't be afraid to be goal-specific and pen down your objectives confidently. 

    For instance, you can create a video brief to increase traffic, change employee behavior, or get more leads. The accomplishment of these goals tells you about the success of your video brief. 

    1. Identify and Focus on the Target Audience and Market 

    The next step is to identify your target audience and market. While writing the video brief, think about who will get impacted by your content. Whether they are employees, customers, or stakeholders? It's because knowing this would help you shape a video brief that will target the right audience. 

    For instance, if your business is related to baby products, your target audience will be parents. So, you should consider the general problems of parents and how your product will solve them. Additionally, you should also consider what you want your audiences to think and feel and how the video will perform in the market. 

    1. Project-Specific Information

    In this step, you need to focus on the video budget you have for awesome video creation, the results it will bring you, and how much time it'll take to implement this brief. When you clearly discuss the deadline, scope, and budget of the video, you make the video production process smooth and easy. This is extremely helpful when you work with an external videography agency and want to convey your video project-specific information. 

    1. Keep it Short and Concise

    As the name suggests, your video should be "literally brief" and concise. Once you know your objectives, there's no need to write a whole novel in the name of the brief, as it results in a lengthy video. 

    Most viewers tend to ignore long videos, and according to Vidyard, over 60% of viewers watch business-related videos till the end if they are less than 60 seconds. However, only 26% finish a video of 20 minutes or more till the end. So, ensure your brief is short and concise, which means the viewer grasps the main idea or purpose of the video without any hassle. 

    1. List Project Deliverables 

    Project deliverables mean you should list what the final product or video should include and your definition of success. Next, you should communicate these expectations to the design and production teams to ensure you get the desired outcomes. Listing project deliverables assists you in keeping track of your video brief’s output, and you get to know if everything is going as planned or not. 

    For instance, in a video brief for a digital marketing agency, you should highlight to your team which aspects you want to highlight and what kind of response is desired. 

    1. What Should Video Contain?

    Writing a video brief without knowledge about what you want to include in it makes your whole video vague. Hence, you should be clear when it comes to the message you want to deliver through your video and the things you would like to add to it. 

    For instance, if you’re planning to develop a video brief for your digital marketing agency. You must be clear about which segments of SEO it will cover, what portion of WordPress development your team will handle, etc. 

    1. Expected Response 

    The last thing on a video brief should be the response you expect from the target audience. You should convey your expectations to the product designing and video brief service provider teams to ensure they create content accordingly. When you achieve a response near the expected one, it shows that your video brief is successful. However, if it's the opposite, you should update the brief to get better results. 

    How to Write a Video Brief?


    A video brief is a great way to guide your post-production and pre-production teams about the goals you want to achieve through your project. Moreover, it keeps your teams engaged and organized, giving you a better chance to target the right audience. Writing a brief may seem challenging; however, you can easily do it by following the above step-by-step guide on how to write a video brief.

    Waybook can facilitate your journey of creating a video brief and making it available for all the concerned employees in the organization. 

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