Preventing Valuable Knowledge Loss When Employees Move On | Smooth Scaling #003

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Preventing Valuable Knowledge Loss When Employees Move On | Smooth Scaling #003
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    The key speaker for Smooth Scaling episode #3 was Business Coach and Systemization Expert WendyTadokoro. She focuses on practical tips for saving the business values when employees or your staff move on.

    Employees leave at some point, so retaining the knowledge is necessary so you do not end up going into panic or reaction mode. So, it is necessary to possess a proper system in place. Businesses must work towards updating their operations manual playbook to keep track of all the tasks. It is necessary to master the whole managing activity and deploy the business activities. To get an insider’s view of how you can retain knowledge after your employee has moved on, watch the full webinar. Key takeaways are summarized below:

    1. What is knowledge retention? (2:29)
    2. Retaining The information and sharing it with the rest of the team. (3:22)
    3. How Many businesses are generally prepared for employees moving on? (3:45)
    4. How to not not face this challenge? (5:09)
    5. Businesses must take time to take audits. (5:43)
    6. Insight Into the cultural way of managing communication. (8:21)
    7. Key person dependency role. (8:46)
    8. Recognize the people who possess knowledge of a particular project or role. (9:39)
    9. Lookout for the key things a particular person is responsible for. (11:15)
    10. How to track the knowledge in the business? (14:18)
    11. How to extract knowledge from the person? (16:19)
    12. Recording the video to capture important business processes. (17: 22)
    13. Completing the payroll (25:36)
    14. Penning down the key things like the top 5 or top 10 important things. (27:31)
    15. Businesses have got the key things. (38:16)
    16. Mastering the whole activity. (40:16)
    17. List core things your team member does. (40:59)
    18. Share the knowledge for other people to use it. (41:57)
    19. Have a platform online for easy sharing of knowledge and processes. (43:11)

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