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Having a checklist for new employees ensures a smooth, efficient, and consistent onboarding process that benefits both the employee and the organization.

Examples of items that might be included on a new employee checklist include:

  • Pre-arrival preparations: Such as setting up their email account, preparing their workspace, and ensuring their equipment (computer, phone, etc.) is ready.
  • First day tasks: Including HR paperwork completion, introduction to the team and key colleagues, security and compliance training, and a tour of the office or facility.
  • Training and development: Enrollments in necessary training programs, overview of job responsibilities, goals setting with supervisors, and access to professional development resources.
  • Administrative setup: Completion of payroll forms, issuance of security badges or access codes, and setup of necessary software and tools.
  • Integration activities: Scheduling of meet-and-greets with key team members or departments, invitation to join relevant meetings or projects, and inclusion in social or team-building activities.
  • Review and feedback: Setting up a schedule for initial check-ins with their manager or mentor to discuss progress, address any questions, and provide feedback.

Creating a comprehensive checklist tailored to the role and the organization’s specific needs can significantly enhance the onboarding experience and set the stage for a successful employment relationship.

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