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20 Training and Development Influencers You Should be Following

With the progress of innovative technologies, businesses have continued to progress in every sector. Tremendous improvements have been observed in the learning and development sector as well. Remote training and learning practices have become more robust, setting a new standard in several industries.

During the pandemic in 2020, it was reported by 94% of employees that their productivity had thrived more than before.

Over recent years, many influential leaders have come up who act as role models for the new trainers.  

90% of the employees with a mentor are satisfied with their careers.

Let's name some top-notch speakers, mentors, authors, consultants, and specialists in the training and development sector.

Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings has spent more than 40 years in a Training and Development career. He is among the most popular leading specialists and thinkers who co-founded a global consultancy named "The 70/20/10 Institute". This institute uses modern learning and development techniques for planning all strategies.


Dr. Britt Andreatta 

Dr. Britt Andreatta is one of the prominent names in the international learning and development thought leaders. She uses psychology and neuroscience to improve the performances of trainers and learners. She is also the head of a training firm that emphasizes brain-based learning. Her books, LinkedIn courses, and training sessions are significant contributions to the L&D field.


David Kelly

The Executive Director of the eLearning Guild is Mr. David Kelly. He has experience in shaping Learning and Development methods for many companies. He provides excellent recommendations on the use of technology in L&D, organizational L&D, and L&D innovation.


Josh Bersin

Another name among top training influencers is Josh Bersin, a reputable global analyst and an excellent public speaker. His topics of discussion are mainly leadership, recruitment, training, and learning. 

He established Bersin, a highly-recognized institution offering membership programs related to HR, talent acquisition, and learning. Josh is a famous industry figure due to his commendable expertise and contributions to HR technology.


Rob Lauber

The passion of Rob Lauber is to help people to become successful. He is Chief Learning Officer at a fast-food chain, McDonald’s. He has worked for several years in L&D departments and is an expert in analytics, learning apps, and tech-driven automation.


Brendon Carson

Brendon Carson is a famous e-learning strategist and award-winning training and development personnel. He has also provided services as a learning consultant. With comprehensive knowledge in developing advanced learning strategies, he has also worked to implement learning technologies for businesses worldwide.

His name is associated with some popular leading technology organizations like Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, and eBay.


John Leh

John is among the most insightful analysts in the training and development industry. He is working as a Lead Analyst and CEO of Talented Learning. Besides, John is an unconstrained and individualistic podcaster, blogger, and LMS advisor. He is famous as an L&D strategist and has completed various successful sessions with multiple corporations.


Jane Hart

Jane Hart has established "The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies." It is a top L&D website throwing light on current learning trends, latest learning apps, and technologies. Jane has worked as an advisor for organizations for more than 25 years.

Her vast experience has led her to develop a reputation as an L&D guru. This is because she has expertise in improving the L&D strategies of organizations worldwide.


Elliot Maisie

You must have heard about Elliot Maisie, as he is famous worldwide in L&D circles. With 3o years of experience in the Training and Development industry, he is a renowned training influencer, educator, researcher, analyst, and an engaging speaker who trains people in global conferences and seminars.

He even led a research institute (The Maisie Center). The focus of this institute was on ways a company can utilize learning and knowledge within their teams. He has assisted learning strategies with several companies like McDonald’s, Walmart, American Express, and Amazon.


Korbyn Behl

Korbyn Behl is also a popular name on the training and learning influencers list. Currently, he is associated with Expedia Group, where he works as the global manager of Learning Delivery. He is also quite famous as a people leader in the learning and development sector. In addition, he is an outstanding public speaker and a certified performance consultant.


Michelle Ockers

Michelle is another name that comes under the list of top training and learning influencers that you should follow. Michelle is working with many global organizations. It does not matter whatever the company's size is; Michelle uses her unique expertise to suggest the best training approaches.


Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche's specialty as a consultant is in organizational learning, workplace collaboration, and knowledge sharing. He is also a well-known speaker and is prominent among training and development influencers. His list of renowned clients includes Carlsberg and Domino's Pizza. 


Laura Overton

Laura is the founder of a non-profit company, Towards Maturity. It publishes independent research. In the L&D industry, Laura has nearly 30 years of experience working with numerous companies. Her objective is to use learning innovation to improve a company's performance. 


Jeremy Browder

Jeremy Browder is a renowned and respected figure in the e-Learning world. He possesses unique skills in planning and conducting training sessions and creating training opportunities. 


Craig Weiss

The lead analyst and CEO of the Craig Weiss Group, Mr. Craig Weiss, offers analytics, consulting, and advisory services for companies globally. He runs a worldwide popular blog named 'E-Learning 2-47', which is read in 174 countries. This person is the master of LMS innovation. In case you are keen to know how the coming years are going to be in the L&D industry, then you should follow Craig! 


Juliette Denny

Juliette Denny is a learner engagement and gamification expert. In 2004, he founded Growth Engineering. She has been rewarded for her contribution to the Learning and Development industry, including, The Academy LMS, Genie, and The Knowledge Arcade.


Andrea Goodwin

Andrea Goodwin is a professional Instructional Designer having experience in planning and implementing eLearning programs. She has powerful skills in creative writing, learning theory, and marketing. 


Myles Runham

Myles is one of the top learning and development thought leaders with over 20 years of experience working with big names, such as Ask.com and BBC. He provides insightful blog posts and has an active social media presence with his regular newsletter regarding the L&D landscape.


Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor has worked in different aspects of the learning and development field. He has been the chairperson of the Learning Technologies Conference for more than twenty years. He is one of the well-known training and development influencers of recent times.


Karah Piepkorn

Another excellent Learning and Development influencer is Karah Piepkorn, which you should follow now. Karah has vast experience in the finance industry, where she uses are expertise and knowledge of public speaking, teamwork, and data analysis to provide effective results.


Final Words

With comprehensive knowledge and vast experience in L&D, these key personalities genuinely know about the future training trends. With ever-evolving advancements in technologies, these influencers serve as a light for the new learners in this fast-paced era.

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