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How to Embed a Video in Google Slides

Do you want to give a professional look to your presentation? Inserting a video into Google slides adds extra spark to your presentation. It doesn't matter how informative your slides are; keeping your audience engaged for a long time is always challenging. Google slides video makes your presentation more interesting and persuades others to focus more on your message. Research shows that about 60% of businesses use videos to engage users.

Suppose you are in the presenter's audience; you find it difficult to understand the lecture through complex instructions and diagrams. By the end of the lecture, you don't remember much. But if the slides contain visuals in addition to text only, it becomes 9 times easier to recall.

This article will cover the following;

  1. How to Insert a Youtube Video in Google Slides
  2. By URL
  3. By Youtube Search 
  4. How to Embed Any Video into Google Slides
  5. Using Google Drive
  6. How to Customize an Embedded Video in Google Slides 
  7. How to Play Google Slides Video

How to insert a YouTube video in Google slides

If you are making a presentation for an effective training program, you need to add videos to make it more intriguing for the employees. 59% of the executives prefer to add videos rather than text if both are available for some topic. So, you have made the decision to add more flair to your slides by adding visuals. Right? Then you might be wondering how to embed a video in Google slides. Let's get into this.


So, you want to add a YouTube video to your presentation. For this purpose, you need to follow the following steps. 

  • Double-click on your Google slides to open it and select a particular slide where you want to add the video. 
  • On the top toolbar, click on the insert tab and select video from the list of drop-down menus.


  • A dialogue box will appear that provides you with different options for uploading your desired video. If you choose the 'By URL' option, you can copy and paste the link to the YouTube video file.
  • To accomplish this, open a new tab and copy the link to your desired video.
  • After you have copied the URL of the video, go back to the Google slides and paste the copied link to the spacebar of the URL box. Click submit. 

This is how to embed video in Google slides. You can also edit after inserting a video into Google slides.

By YouTube Search

If you want to insert your desired YouTube video into the slide, you can use another option, 'By Search.' Let's get into the steps. 

  • For this purpose, click on the insert tab and select the video option from the drop-down list. 
  • Then, in the resulting dialogue box, select the Search option to locate your pointer. You can enter specific keywords or the video title to select your preferred video. After writing the name of the video, enter the magnifying glass icon or press enter. 
  • Next, select your desired YouTube video by clicking the select button at the top left of the page. The video is embedded in the slide. You can make any adjustments to change the position of the video as per your choice.

How to embed any video into Google slides?

In addition, to embed YouTube videos, you can also add videos from your Google drive. Presume you are a business manager; what can you do to make your online training process more engaging

If you already have a video, it's quite easy to upload it on the slide. Similarly, suppose you have recorded your video and have a yen to engage your audience through this recorded video. So, How to upload a recorded video to Google slides? To insert this type of video, you need to save it on your drive and then upload it onto your slide.

Using Google Drive

You might be thinking about how to embed a video in Google slides using the drive. For this purpose, you need to upload videos to your drive. Once the desired videos are in Google drive, you can easily incorporate them into your presentation. The steps are as follows. 

  • First of all, launch your presentation. Choose the slide on which you want to embed the video.
  • Then, go to the insert tab and choose the video from the drop-down menu. Choose the Google Drive option from the box to insert videos from the drive.
  • Once you click this button, you will browse different options in the Google Drive tab. You can upload videos saved in your drive or shared with your account. 
  • Choose your desired video to add to your selected slide. 
  • You can also make adjustments to configure the video properly later on. 

How to Customize an embedded video in Google Slides?

After getting familiar with how to embed a video in Google slides, you need to know the editing and video settings. Google slides offer you various options to customize your embedded videos. Let's get into this.

For this purpose, select the video and click the format options on the toolbar. On the right side, a panel will appear that contains four different options for video customization.

Video playback option

Click the video playback option to adjust the start and end time of the video. In addition to timestamps specification, this option also offers two more boxes. One allows you to Autoplay while presenting, and the other one enables you to mute the audio.

Size Rotation option

This option lets you adjust the height and width of the video. Another option is there that enables you to lock the aspect ratio to keep your video proportions fixed. You can also modify the video’s angle or rotate it as per your choice.

Position Tab

The position tab allows you to position the video in the top-left or center. For this purpose, you can adjust the X and Y values accordingly to place the video where you want.

Drop Shadow

This option offers you the option to add a drop shadow to change the color and shadow levels of the video. You can manage the transparency levels, distance, blur, angle, and distance.

How to play Google slides videos?

Google Drive has the default setting of playing the video as you advance the slide. It can be done by pressing a key or clicking the mouse. You can also change some video play settings. For this purpose, follow some steps. Let's get into this.

  • Select the embedded video by clicking it.
  • Go to the toolbar to click the Format options tab. A right-side panel will appear.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow of the video playback option and select Play. Here you can set three different settings.
  • Play with a click. It plays your video as you press the key to present the next slide. This is the default video setting.
  • Play automatically. You don't need to click anything to play the video.
  • Lastly, play manually. The video will play once you click on the video.


This write-up thoroughly explains how to embed a video in Google slides. You can insert YouTube videos by URL and search methods. Suppose you have recorded your own videos and saved them on your Google drive. Don't worry. You can also insert the videos stored on your drive. 

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