External Subject Sharing

Seamlessly share specific Subjects with external partners or clients, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed without needing full access to your entire Waybook.

Share subjects with people outside of your Waybook account
Share using shortlinks or QR codes
External Subject Sharing

Waybook's external subject sharing feature enables you to share specific subjects with external partners, clients, or stakeholders without granting them full access to your entire Waybook. This ensures that crucial information is communicated clearly and efficiently, fostering better collaboration and alignment while maintaining control over your internal knowledge base.

It's an ideal solution for providing targeted information securely and professionally.


How does external Subject sharing benefit my organization?

External Subject sharing facilitates efficient communication and collaboration with partners, clients, and stakeholders by providing them with the necessary information without compromising the security and integrity of your entire knowledge base.

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Is the external Subject sharing feature secure?

Absolutely. Your Waybook Subjects are only accessible via the unique link generated when you enable public sharing so you are in total control of who can access your content. What’s more, they will only be able to see the Subject you have shared and cannot access other parts of your Waybook.

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How do I share a Subject with an external user?

To share a Subject with an external user, navigate to the Subject you want to share and to its sharing settings, enable public sharing and copy the link to share with someone outside of your Waybook.

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