Unlimited Documents

Unlimited Documents

Documents sit at the core of Waybook. They house your knowledge in a structured format, and support a variety of rich content types to enhance team engagement and comprehension. This includes:

- Embedding from Google Drive: Users can embed Google Maps, Docs, and Spreadsheets directly into documents, allowing for the seamless integration of a wide range of resources and making it easier to access and utilize important information directly within Waybook.

- Screen Recordings and Videos: The platform allows users to embed screen recordings and videos into documents. This is facilitated through Waybook's own screen recording tool and support for embedding videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom, making it possible to demonstrate processes visually and enhance the instructional content of document.

- Images and Diagrams: Users can insert images and diagrams into their documents, which is especially useful for visual explanations or highlighting key concepts. This feature enhances the reader's ability to understand complex information or follow step-by-step instruction.

- PDF Embeds and File Attachments: Documents can include PDF embeds and various file attachments, offering a way to share additional resources and documentation within a document. This functionality is useful for providing access to more detailed information without cluttering the main content.

- Text Formatting and Callouts: The editor supports advanced text formatting options, including headings, bullet points, numbered lists, and table insertions. Additionally, users can highlight key sections or tips using callouts, making important information stand out and improving the document's readability.

- Links and Hyperlinks: Incorporating external links and hyperlinks within documents is supported, allowing authors to reference external sources or related documents, facilitating a richer and more interconnected documentation experience.

- Code Snippets, Quotes, and Dividers: For technical documentation or instructional content, Waybook supports the insertion of code snippets, quotes, and dividers. These elements help in separating sections, emphasizing important points, and making complex instructions easier to follow.

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