PDF Exports

Maintain flexibility in your document management and enable easy dissemination of materials.

Export individual documents as PDF
Export entire subjects as PDF
Create offline backups of important business knowledge and processes
PDF Exports

Whether you need to provide handouts for a workshop, compile training manuals for new hires, or ensure accessible resources for compliance audits, Waybook makes it easy to export your content in an easy to distribute PDF format.

Keep your business’ knowledge centralized and enjoy flexible sharing on and offline with our PDF export feature.


Will the exported PDF include all media and attachments from the Waybook document?

Yes, all media, attachments, and formatting included in your Waybook document will be preserved in the exported PDF. This ensures that the PDF is a faithful representation of the original document.

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Is the PDF export feature available on all Waybook plans?

The ability to export PDF documents is available on all Waybook plans.

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Can I control who can export PDFs within Waybook?

All users with permission to edit a document will be able to export it as a PDF file and you are in full control of whether readers can download documents from your document settings.

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