Waybook's Tests feature enables you to verify that team members understand and retain critical information. By integrating quizzes and assessments into your documentation, you can ensure competency, reinforce learning, and maintain high standards of quality and compliance.

Multiple choice tests with text and images
Generate tests with AI based on your document content
Set score to pass and track progress

When combined with our reporting and feedback features, Waybook's test feature allows for the development of more personalized and effective training programs. Whether for onboarding, introducing new procedures, or executing compliance training, tests enhance the learning experience by making it measurable and impactful.

By assessing your team's knowledge retention and understanding, you can ensure alignment and proficiency with your processes and standards, ultimately driving better performance and growth.


How does the test feature support compliance training?

The test feature allows you to create assessments that ensure your team understands and complies with industry regulations and standards. This is crucial for maintaining compliance and minimizing risk.

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How can tests enhance the onboarding process?

Tests can be used to assess new hires' understanding of your company's processes and standards during onboarding. This ensures that they are well-prepared and aligned with your expectations from the start.

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Can I track and report test results?

Yes, Waybook's test feature includes reporting capabilities that allow you to track and analyze test results. This helps you understand how well your team is retaining information and where additional training might be needed.

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