Confirmation Steps

Ensure accountability and compliance by using Waybook's confirmation step feature to have team members acknowledge policies and confirm document reviews.

Allows for tracking and compliance within your Waybook
Enhance accountability across your organization
Have confidence that your team is on the same page
Confirmation Steps

Confirmation Steps are a valuable feature within Waybook that empowers your team to enhance compliance, clarity, and accountability. By incorporating Confirmation Steps into your documents, you can streamline compliance efforts, improve alignment, and foster a culture of accountability within your organization.

Experience the value of Confirmation Steps today and take your compliance management to the next level with Waybook.


Can I add multiple Confirmation Steps within a process?

There is no limit to how many Confirmation Steps you can add to a process or throughout your Waybook. We will track all of them and make it easy to locate the Confirmation Step within reports.

How can I see if a Confirmation Step has been completed?

We track the Confirmation Steps within Reports, so you can easily see when it was first completed and most recently completed.

What information is tracked with Confirmation Steps?

When using Confirmation Steps, we track the time, date, and user names. This allows you to have the most amount of information possible to ensure compliance.

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