External Document Sharing

Effortlessly share your important documents with external stakeholders securely and seamlessly using Waybook's External Document Sharing feature.

Remain in control of who can access your Waybook documents
Provide stakeholders and contractors with access to important documents without having to login to your Waybook
Maintain a central source of truth for your organization
Share using shortlinks or QR codes
External Document Sharing

Waybook's external document sharing feature allows you to extend the reach of your internal knowledge by securely sharing specific documents with external partners, clients, or consultants. This feature ensures that everyone involved has access to the most up-to-date information without compromising on security or control.

It simplifies collaboration, enhances transparency, and ensures that all necessary parties are aligned with your organization's processes and information.


Will changes automatically appear in externally shared documents?

Once you have published your change the link will automatically update to ensure that it is showing the most up-to-date content.

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Can I embed Waybook documents externally?

With external document sharing you can easily control how you share the content. You can embed it into your site and also generate a QR code for sharing.

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Can I revoke public document access?

Yes, you can turn public document sharing on or off any document at any time. Public documents that are turned off will become immedaitely unavailable to anyone via the public URL.

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Can I embed a public Waybook document on another website?

Yes, public Waybook documents can be embeded as an iframe on other websites. Visitors to that website will not need a Waybook login to view that document.

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