Step Revisions

Waybook's Revision History feature ensures that every change made to your documents is tracked and recorded. This provides transparency, allowing you to see who made changes, what was altered, and when updates occurred.

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Step Revisions

Waybook's Step Revisions feature offers a valuable safeguard for your content while fostering a collaborative environment for your team. With Step Revisions, every change made to your documentation is meticulously recorded, ensuring that no unintended modifications occur.

This not only provides peace of mind but also creates a transparent and trustworthy system where team members can confidently contribute and edit content. By having a reliable record of every change, you can facilitate effective collaboration, streamline workflows, and maintain the integrity of your documentation process.


Can I leave comments or annotations on specific revisions with Step Revisions?

Waybook does support comments and you can easily tag team members in order to query or delegate changes to your documents, referencing changes tracked by our Step Revisions feature.

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How often are revisions saved with Step Revisions?

Revisions are grouped and saved automatically every 15 minutes. This ensures that your revision history is up-to-date and reflects the most recent edits made by you and your team members.

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Can I see who made specific changes to my documentation with Step Revisions?

Yes, Step Revisions allows you to see who made specific changes to your documentation. Each revision is timestamped and attributed to the user who made the modification, providing clarity and accountability in the editing process.

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