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Google Drive has a straightforward interface that is relatively easy to use, but it may require some familiarization for users who are new to cloud storage platforms.
Waybook's user-friendly and intuitive interface requires no technical knowledge or training.


Google Drive provides a file-based organizational structure with folder hierarchy and search capabilities but lacks the extensive customization options available in Waybook.
Waybook allows for fully customizable knowledge bases, offering complete control over the design and organization of content to fit the specific needs of the organization.

Knowledge Organization

Google Drive does not offer built-in interactive training capabilities and primarily focuses on file storage and collaboration.
Waybook's interactive training content helps team members learn new skills and processes quickly and easily, improving their productivity and performance.

Interactive Training

Google Drive provides basic analytics, such as file access statistics, but its analytics features are more focused on file usage rather than knowledge management insights.
Waybook's detailed analytics provide valuable insights into how the platform is being used, enabling organizations to identify knowledge gaps and improve training efforts for maximum efficiency.


Google Drive excels in file collaboration, allowing multiple users to edit and comment on documents simultaneously, but it lacks the specific collaboration features tailored for knowledge management found in Waybook.
Waybook offers collaborative tools that allow team members to work together on articles, provide feedback, and streamline collaboration within the knowledge base.


Google Drive also offers integrations with various applications, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Gmail, but its integration options are more limited compared to Waybook.
Waybook integrates seamlessly with a wide range of other tools, such as Slack, Jira, and Trello, ensuring that knowledge management efforts are fully integrated with the organization's workflow.


Google Drive also provides security measures, including encryption and access controls, but Waybook offers more advanced security features and customization options.
Waybook's state-of-the-art security features, including two-factor authentication and data encryption, ensure that the organization's sensitive information is fully protected at all times.


A comprehensive platform specifically designed for businesses on the rise

Revolutionize Knowledge Management

Unleash the Power of AI Generated Playbooks

Waybook AI Content Writer knows your industry and can generate industry-specific interactive training, interfaces and manuals in minutes.

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Customization at Your Fingertips

Tailor Your Knowledge Base

With Waybook, you take bck control clarity in your business like never before. Customize layouts, design, and content organization to match your organization's unique needs.

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Boost Collaboration & Productivity

Seamless Teamwork with Waybook

Streamline article editing, provide feedback, and work together seamlessly. Boost productivity and unleash the collective knowledge of your team.

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Insights that Drive Growth

Advanced Analytics at Your Fingertips

Identify knowledge gaps, improve training programs, and make data-driven decisions to propel your organization's growth.

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Robust Security, Total Peace of Mind

Protect Your Knowledge Assets

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is fully protected with Waybook's state-of-the-art data encryption and granular access controls.

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Packed with useful features & supported by a world class team.
Unlimited subjects, documents & steps
Full image & video embed functionality
Content tests & assessment
Customizable branding
You own custom domain (CNAME)
Process templates library
Repeatable checklists
Code snippets
Add GIFs with Giphy
1000s of royalty free images - Unsplash
Embed Google maps, docs & spreadsheets
3000+ integrations with Zapier
PDF import and export
Revision history
Undelete, trash & autosave
Drag & drop everywhere
Record & edit screen recording: free tool
Powerful content editor
Smart document update notifications
Reader status & progress tracking
Advanced search functionality
Bookmarked documents
Multilayer team & access permissions
Fast search
Audit trail
GDPR Compliant
Single Sign On (SSO)

Not sure where to start from with Waybook?

Phone Manner
Use this template for a clear and consistent telephone mannner
1. Check enquiry sources
2. Our contact information
3. Greeting callers
4. Answer with a smile
Use this template to assemble an appealing product listing
1. Your online store
2. Your new product
3. Product price
4. Calculate shipping
Use this template to promote the the culture of your organization
1. Employment basics
2. Code of conduct
3. Compensation & Development
4. Benefits & Perks
Use this template to describe how you evaluate and reward employees
1. What is good performance?
2. Periodical reviews
3. Rewards
4. Training
Use this template to provide a framework for your SOPs
1. Overview
2. Purpose
3. Scope
4. Responsibilities
Use this template when onboarding new employees to your company
1. Introduction
2. Company policy checklist
3. Paperwork checklist
4. Training checklist
Use this template for designing an engaging training track  
1. Training goals
2. Training targets
3. Training content
4. Training subject test
Use this template to list the tools you're using for prospecting
1. Pipedrive
2. Lemlist
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Use this template to list the tools you're using for Business Intelligence
1. Microsoft Power BI
2. Looker
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Use this template to list the tools you're using for Customer Service
1. Intercom
2. Stripe
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
& Growth
Use this template for a clear and consistent telehphone mannner
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Billing &
Use this template to introduce your team to your payment platform
1. Introduction
2. Updating plans
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Document how to respond to frequently asked questions
1. What's being asked
2. Which saved message to use
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Help your support team understand how they should talk about you
1. The key benefits
2. The product/service
1. Greeting callers
1. Greeting callers
Start with templates
Sean Williams
This takes care of everything I've been wanting to accomplish as a place to organize trainings and SOPs.
Love that I can put together a Business Playbook with Waybook.
Very easy to use, for me and my team. It is very user friendly, I like its search engine and the way you can organize everything.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set permissions in Waybook?

You have full control over which subjects your teammates can access and set permissions accordingly; these can be no access, read, edit and publish.

How should I get started with Waybook?

When you register for your Waybook, you will automatically have access to our ‘Start with Waybook’ subject, which will give you all of the essential knowledge to get going. You will also have the option of starting with a templated structure for SOP and document inspiration.

Do you support integrations like Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack etc.?

Yes! You can import images and attach files directly from Dropbox, Gdrive and more. Google Docs, sheets & Airtables can be embedded directly into Waybook Docs. Plus you can connect your Waybook to Slack and more than 3000 other tools using our Zapier integration.

Can I custom brand Waybook for my business?

Yes! You can set your own colours and logo to make Waybook your own. Pick your own subdomain like mycompany.waybook.com or use our CNAME feature to connect your own fully custom domain.

What's unique about Waybook and what makes it different from other ways of sharing information?

Here are just a few things that set Waybook apart from our competitors:
✨ An intuitive content structure created by process experts
✨ Powerful text editor to create rich and engaging content
✨ Ability to track read views and progress
✨ Tests and assessments to confirm knowledge consumption

What is Waybook's backup process?

Waybook has several policies designed to ensure your data is always safe.

All data is replicated to a secondary database, so that in the event our primary database fails, we can get you back online instantly with no data lost. Alongside that, our database is automatically backed up every hour to a geographically separate data center, with all backups retained for 30 days.

Finally, because Waybook is paranoid about making sure all your data is safe, we take our own backups which are encrypted and stored off-site with a completely separate service provider. This means that our current hosting provider could suffer a complete outage and we would still be able to provide access to your data.

Beyond data, Waybook has a tried-and-tested disaster recovery process in place. Our infrastructure is defined via code, meaning we can recreate all of our servers in a matter of hours if needed. You entrust us with your data, and we've spent the last decade making sure we have robust and resilient systems in place to keep it safe.

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